about us


Drukkerij Raddraaier (drukkerij: printing company, raddraaier: firebrand or troublemaker) started in Amsterdam in 1979 in the unsettled times of the squatters’ movement. We printed posters continuously, day and night, on behalf of groupings busy with squatting, anti-nuclear energy, third world problems, the environment, antiracism and more issues. The printing presses in the printing department ran at full speed, in the service of these ideologies.

After a few years, however, practically all customers required a better printing quality. By then our clients wanted society to take their message more seriously, so consequently it had to look better in order to convey it properly.

This development ran perfectly analogous to the one in our printing company. The fact was that through the years the Raddraaiers had risen and grown into printers who had become totally devoted to their trade.
In the course of time Drukkerij Raddraaier has changed, yet it has always hold fast to its distinct nature. We operate as a team in a good work atmosphere, and also print in an environmentally conscious way. Supplying excellent quality and working efficiently are always highest on our priorities list, supported by our personal commitment to each client and each product.