LaLaLa engels

This is a collage having a savage look about it, however, a precise collage of observations and perceptions, pieces of work and intimate experiences with regard to those peculiar crawling symbols we call letters and how these, providing that they are properly ordered, may build bridges from the author’s hand to the reader’s head. In this book Hammer’s texts, thoughts and anecdotes find a place next to concerted actions in pictures and text with artists Jill Magid (USA), Connie Dekker (NL), letter designer Yara Khoury (Beirut), sound poet Jaap Blonk and designer Katinka Neyen (D) and many more. You will find a verse by poet K. Michel (NL), a recipe for bread by graphic designer Charles Melcher (USA) and a contribution by letter curator David Shields (USA).

LaLaLa has been selected as one of the Best Verzorgde Boeken van 2015
[Most Carefully Edited Books of 2015]
design by Melle Hammer
ISBN 978-90-5188-097-7
244 pages, 170×240 mm, illustrated
case bound, with dust jacket and separately inserted quire

of 16 pages,

paper is by Igepa
with financial assistance from the Mondriaan Fonds
LaLaLa – € 34.50 including shipping